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An ISO 9001: 2015 company

Aditya has developed a series of elevators to meet the increasing demands of the market and play a vital role in overall building operations. To find out more about Aditya’s extensive range of elevators.

The quality of the elevator system overall determines the degree of a building’s serviceability. Aditya designs and customises our elevators to meet your building’s specific requirements and are capable of building the most efficient, economical and reliable elevators that you can easily install

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We take the safety of your building's occupants very seriously. All of our products from the largest service elevators to the smallest dumb waiters are all designed verified by the Authority.

We offer the widest selection of the newest products, being manufacturer our products are delivered swiftly and efficiently wherever our customers are, with support from our sophisticated distribution and logistics networks.

Our wide range of products includes high quality, non-proprietary, stylish elevator systems, with low and high rise building capability. All our elevator systems and technological solutions are designed and tested thoroughly before it’s availed to marke

Our Product

Our company supplies different type of products, such as home elevator, passenger elevator, Capsule Elevators, Goods Elevators, Hospital Elevators, Bunglow Elevators, Roomless Machine Elevators, Hydraulic Elevator, Industrial Elevator and Automobile Elevators.

Aditya lifts provide quality products and value for money in segment of market/customers, we cater to, we are and will continue to be a customer oriented organization, accomodating customer request and adressing their complaint with minimum ado based in principal of trust and systems, with a view to ensure safety and total customer delight. We will continually improve our systems, process and methods of delivery.

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